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Our world is in a season of transition, and with that the dynamic of the packaging industry is steadily changing as well. Driven by advances in technology and consumer demands for safety, designed around an eco-conscious ideal. With this in mind, there are some major rising trends that have been projected for the upcoming years, beyond the Covid-19 crisis. 


  • The use of innovative material 

New innovations in packaging material that are also eco-friendly are beginning to emerge on the frontlines of the packaging industry. Material such as bioplastics which will soon begin substituting common materials like, plastic, film, cardboard, plastic bottles, and other packaging material. This movement ideal is to minimize waste.

  • Optimizing distribution 

Distribution centers are beginning to see a shift in packaging priorities. Many are looking for more sustainable logistics, for long term satisfaction for the general consumers. The ideal is to ensure timely delivery, with products in good condition.

  • Temperature changing packaging 

Whether you are packaging fresh produce, or pharmaceutical products, your packages must remain safe and fit for the consumer receiving. For many products, maintaining temperature control is vital to the viability of the goods. Expect for temperature controlled shipping and transportation to streamline into the near future of packaging consumer goods.

  • New technology with CO2 Testing

When a smart label is applied to a product, this new form of technology provides the advantage to detect products for Carbon Dioxide pre consumer handling. This new type of label also notifies the consumer on the remaining lifetime of the product inside. 

How can your business innovate your packaging line? We provide a variety of pallet wrapping and strapping solutions with a complete range of durable and reliable equipment, from a semi-automatic stretch wrapper to a fully automatic pallet wrapper. The high quality horizontal strapping machines have both automatic and semi-automatic options. These machines are low maintenance and have a long equipment lifespan. 

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