Smart packaging in 2020

Smart Packaging is a trend on the rise as our world makes a shift towards technology and data. The dictionary definition of smart packaging is; packaging that serves an active purpose or function beyond basic containment and general protection of the product inside. We are seeing a rise in demand for smart packaging options as the need for packaging innovation and consumer safety increase. This is a relatively new discovery in the packaging and transport industries. However, while the ideal behind smart packaging is consumer centered, another key factor is the ability to not only increase the life of the packaged product, but to also help reduce waste, loss, damages, and overall loss of cost during production. So, what are some other benefits of switching to smart packaging? 

  1. Logistics in real time. 
  2. Reduction in thefts. 
  3. Better quality control. 
  4. Improved customer satisfaction. 
  5. Consumer demands for production plans. 
  6. Reduction in food, or general waste. 

Now let’s take a deeper dive into smart packaging. In reality, smart packaging acts as a roof for many distinct versions of smart packaging options. Those options include active packaging, intelligent packaging, and connected packaging options. 


1 – Active Packaging


The main purpose of active packaging is to protect the quality and freshness of a product while extending shelf life. This option is often used by manufacturing and production companies in the food processing industry, however is used in multiple markets. From cosmetic, pharmaceutical, chemical and much more. Active packaging has the capability to monitor product freshness, display information to the consumer generally or on quality of the product, improve safety during consumption, and improve convenience. 


2 – Intelligent Packaging 


Intelligent packaging is exactly what it sounds like. This form of packaging option goes digital. Intelligent packaging gives power to the consumers, and increases the ability for them to learn more about a brand, product, or service. Addition to this, companies have gotten smart, and have begun to use this form of packaging as a way to gather data and analytics to follow a consumer journey, and increase production. How do they do this? Intelligent packaging companies use RFID (radio frequency identification), and NFC (near-field communication) or other forms of two-way technologies. While this form of packaging is relatively costly, the value it can bring to a brand is priceless. 


3 – Connected Packaging 


Connected packaging does more than just protect the product inside. The main goal of connected packaging is to connect the physical aspects of a product to the digital aspects, while integrating consumers. This becomes a win-win, as the consumer gains the ability to learn more about the product, the brand also gains greater insight into the consumer as well. 


Benefits for brands by the use of Smart Packaging options: 


  1. Improving brand recognition 
  2. Memorable packaging 
  3. Increase in supply chain 
  4. Greater quality control 
  5. Increased customer loyalty 

All in all, our world is beginning to shift to smarter options that allow creativity and customer satisfaction to flourish. And here at Legacy Packaging, we provide our customers with robust, top of the line equipment, designed and created to save you money, and increase your production!

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