Potato Sales USA

Potato sales in the United States are thriving amongst the Covid-19 pandemic. Experts believe potato sales have increased due to the COVID – 19 pandemic.

“The versatility, the commonality, and the nutritional benefits of the potato further solidified our position with consumers—many of whom cooked their first potatoes at home over the past 90 days,” said Blair Richardson, CEO of Potatoes USA. “One opportunity lies in the healthy nutrients natural to potatoes such as Vitamin C, potassium and protein,” he said. “As consumers look to their food choices to enhance their immunity, potatoes are an obvious choice.” 

Within the last few months we have seen several increases in not only production but demand from consumers as well. Below are some of the top stats from the Potato industry to date.  
Many industry leaders are seeing increases of 31% in dollar sales, and 32% in sales to do with volume in potato production. Fresh potatoes are at an increase of 46% in dollar sales, and at an increase of 35% with volume. Dehydrated potatoes saw one of the largest increases with an increase of 59% in dollar sales, and 49% in volume! Yellow potatoes are also carrying impressive numbers. With increases of 54% in sales, and 42% in volume. Source: IRI
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