Packaging Machinery Forecast Through 2027

Valued at $43.46 billion USD in the year 2018, and at $47.98 billion in the year 2019. The global packaging machinery market size has been steadily rising as the years have passed. And in the year of 2027, the market value of packaging machinery is estimated to reach about $70.54 billion in revenue. These statistics have been published by Allied Market Research, and the detailed report gives readers an inside look at market trends and projections within this industry. 


These numbers are directly related to a few key items, such as a surge in the need for automation on the packaging lines for production upkeep, rise of consumer consumption of goods, as well as an increased demand for shrink wrapping (also known as vacuum packaging) equipment. 


The demand for this machinery from many manufacturing companies shows the overall effectiveness of this type of equipment offerings. Automated packaging equipment provides clients with low rejection rates, smoother operations, less human error, faster production time, ease of maintaining the machines, equipment integration on the line, and fully customizable.  



Everything comes in a package, and with that packaging equipment and services have become of the utmost importance in all industries. From food, chemical, automotive, pharmaceutical, building, logistics, fresh produce, wood, industrial, beverages, corrugated, metallurgical, and more! Why is this? Well, packaging plays a major role here for protecting these products from the outside elements. Light, moisture, contamination, damages, and extending the longevity of the product as a whole. 


What role does packaging and packaging equipment play outside of the products it protects? Packaging is vital for many manufacturing locations, storage facilities, and transport services. In addition to all of these benefits that packaging offers clients, another important aspect it provides is branding. This provides not only the client the opportunity to showcase their brand on their packaging, but it also provides information to the consumer on what the product is, the uses, nutritional information, weight, and more. 


It’s clear that packaging equipment plays a large role in today’s society. With global safety at the core of many business owners, it begins with safe packaging, and handling. 

We provide packaging machinery to help improve the productivity of your facility’s packaging process. Our L-Sealer offerings range from budget units to industrial level automatic sealers with shrink tunnel combo units. Our Side-Sealer offerings range from Intermittent to fully automatic continuous side seal with shrink tunnel combo units.  Our goal is to provide solutions that maximize production and efficiency throughout the packing process. With sleek designs and robust material built to last, our L-Sealers/Side Sealers are the right options for your packaging solutions.

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