Automating Pharmaceuticals

More pharmaceutical manufacturers are investing in automated packaging in order to improve not only their service to the consumers, but their operations as well. Studies have shown that on average around 52% of pharmaceutical companies have automated packaging lines. The main reason for this is that automation takes human error out of the equation, and improves the quality and production of the products. 


Often this has been referred to as cobot technology. This helps the pharmaceutical companies continue to gain from the benefits of automation, while also being able to still employ people as part of that partnership. 


Pharmaceutical manufacturers have been making the shift to packaging automation as it has shown to improve the quality of the products, streamline production time, and eliminate as much human error as possible. 


Top five reasons on how pharmaceutical companies can benefit from automated packaging lines: 


  1. Improved quality control, overall. 
  2. Increase in production speed. 
  3. Reduction in human labor costs. 
  4. Greater ability to gather analytics and information. 
  5. Improved working environment, lower risk of human error. 


The pharmaceutical industry is beginning to learn that automation saves a large amount of money. And not only that, but the end goal by using automated packaging is to create a cleaner, more safe product with efficiency. The world we live in is always changing, and amidst the COVID-19 global pandemic, one thing has been very clear, packaging automation is the next step in revolutionizing the way we consume goods. 

We provide packaging machinery to help improve the productivity of your facility’s packaging process. Our L-Sealer offerings range from budget units to industrial level automatic sealers with shrink tunnel combo units. Our Side-Sealer offerings range from Intermittent to fully automatic continuous side seal with shrink tunnel combo units.  Our goal is to provide solutions that maximize production and efficiency throughout the packing process. With sleek designs and robust material built to last, our L-Sealers/Side Sealers are the right options for your packaging solutions.

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