Here at Legacy Packaging, we specialize in produce packaging solutions.

We provide produce packaging solutions through innovative ideas, premium products, competitive pricing, and guaranteed on time delivery.

We source our produce packages from premium manufacturers. We work with these manufacturers to ensure our packaging is constructed precisely to meet our customer’s produce packaging needs. 

We provide graphic design services for the design of the produce bag labels. Our graphic design team is able to design a custom label or modify existing artwork to enhance the promotion of our customers’ fresh produce. 

We supply end of line packaging solutions through our palletizers and strapping machinery. With our palletizers and strapping machines our customers are able to reduce the end of line packaging time, increasing productivity. 


Premium Produce Packaging 

We source premium quality bags that provide product breathability and visibility.

Custom Graphic Design Services 

We provide graphic design services to customize the branding of your packaging label.

Cost Effective 

We offer competitive pricing without compromising packaging quality. 

Short Lead Times

Our proprietary technology allows us to fulfill your packaging needs within 2 to 4 weeks.

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  • The Packaging Specialist
  • Produce Packaging Solutions
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Yes, at Legacy Packaging, we work with our customers to develop a custom solution specific to their packaging needs. 

Legacy might be the new kid on the block but our founders have over decade of experience. Specifically handling potato, onions, carrots and citrus accounts for 13 years, supplying bags, packaging and specialized equipment (palletizers, weighers, bagging machinery) and we know what it takes to be an industry leader. 

Legacy Packaging is the company you can depend on to consistently meet your custom packaging needs. 

Our customers know they can depend on us to meet their customized packaging needs.

We provide produce packaging to produce packers and shippers that improves the company’s level of efficiency as well as positively influencing the bottom line.

Our product packaging solutions helps our customers elevate (boost, enhance, strengthen) the promotion of their fresh produce within the industry.

If you are looking to automate your packaging we can help click here.


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